From the SFPD Files: How NOT to Handle a Traffic Stop (When You're Likely Roaring Drunk)

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Will this be a character witness?
Searching for gold in the police blotter is one of life's lower-percentage endeavors. Yet, we think you'll agree the following from the always well-written reports of Lt. Paul Chignell from the Taraval Police Station warrants reprinting. In essence, Chignell's troops have, once again, proven that when Abraham Lincoln deemed honesty the best policy, he wasn't thinking from the point of view of a potentially inebriated driver chatting with police:

02/27/09 9:36 pm Noriega and 48th Avenue

"Officers ... responded to a traffic accident where a driver had struck another car, continued driving until she smashed into a street sign and then stopped. The officers queried the driver, who was obviously inebriated. She stated that she had been taking a number of medications and had been drinking 'too much vodka.' She further stated that she had been rushing to go to a liquor store on Noriega to get 'some more vodka.'"

The defendant is advised that there is a difference between pleading the fifth and pleading for a fifth.

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