Former 'Fangxaminer' Editor Adriel Hampton Runs for Congress

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Adriel Hampton
Adriel Hampton, an investigator for the San Francisco City Attorney's office who served as political editor and scoopmeister columnist at the now defunct Fangxaminer newspaper, is running for Congress. A Dublin resident, Hampton seeks to fill the East Bay 10th District seat vacated by Ellen Tauscher, who has been nominated to serve as Hilllary Clinton's undersecretary of state for arms control.

The San Francisco Examiner was often held up to ridicule when its former owners, the Willie Brown-linked Fang family, ran it as an apparent political payoff vehicle rather than a substantive newspaper. But Hampton's articles and columns, distinguished by exclusive political news and interesting commentary, made the newspaper still worth picking up.

Hampton's Monday announcement didn't specify what, exactly, he is for or against. But he did issue a statement Wednesday urging passage of a measure that would cap interest rates on credit cards and loans.
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