Follow the Bouncing Mayor: Gavin Basks in SoCal Crowds' Love ... Mostly

Paris is a city blessed with so much dog shit, you could be excused for pondering if the French import the stuff. So when Willie Brown -- in a column that was, otherwise, so self-congratulatory it was an honest challenge to get through it -- notes of gai Paris, "what an incredibly clean city. ... San Francisco could learn a few things from its older sister city."

Well, that says a lot. Who the hell's in charge of this filthy cesspool that forces Willie to hopscotch around puddles of filth (he's 75! That's elder abuse!). Oh yeah -- that guy.

On that note, San Franciscans had the opportunity, once again, to follow our mayor's forays through his out-of-town press clippings over the past several days as he stumped for governor. And -- good news! -- Gavin killed!

Newsom spent five days in Southern California, including stops in Santa Barbara and Palm Springs -- which the Gershwin brothers might have tabbed "Nice work if you can get it"). The Santa Barbara Independent reports hizzoner received a standing ovation before he'd even said a word -- and, I'll admit it, when I look at this picture, by God that man looks like a leader. Of course, a picture is worth only 1,000 words -- and Gavin's got way more than that.

Said one Santa Barbara resident: "I'm curious about the changes he brought about in San Francisco as mayor. It'll be interesting to hear him speak live, as I've only heard sound bites, so I don't have any expectations."

What better source to learn of the changes Gavin Newsom has brought to San Francisco than Gavin Newsom? And he didn't disappoint, making a three-part speech about health care, public education, and energy. Apparently, you can fill long speeches with good things to say about San Francisco's performance in each of these categories.It's not likely Newsom mentioned the city's looming $500ish million deficit -- but he did (no joke) mention the robustness of our city's rainy day fund.

The mayor also seems to have been well-received in Palm Springs -- though this section of the writeup in The Desert Sun raised our eyebrows:

Some locals appreciated Newsom's visit and his ideas, but were put off by his lack of brevity."I think he's a little long-winded, but I appreciate his ambition and his reaching out to the desert community. We tend to be forgotten," said Ronayne Shaw, a Desert Hot Springs resident.

Ms. Shaw, consider yourself blessed. SF Weekly's Benjamin Wachs sat through Newsom's entire 7.5-hour State of the City YouTube address

As far as feeling a little forgotten -- When it comes to the attention of our mayor, we here in the San Francisco community sometimes feel the same way.

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