D'Oh! Scott Ostler Good at Column-Writing, Bad at Math

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Michael Macor/Chronicle
Both Chronicle columnist Scott Ostler and your humble narrator would be embarrassed if I admitted how old I was when I began reading his column. And while he's proven to have the ability to crank 'em out of the park editorially, it seems like Ostler is still in Spring Training when it comes to mathematics.

Take today's piece about how athletes should donate 4 percent of their salaries to local charities:

Let's use Manny [Ramirez] again. He's making $25 mil this season.... Ramirez would kick in $1,000,000. Because he makes $154,000 per game, for one day this season Manny would have to get by on $54,000. Maybe he could take a bus to work that night.

Look, I'll be the first to admit getting some truly crap grades in Calculus I-A, but even I know that Manny would have to donate $100k for 10 days to make $1 million, not one.

In other news, it appears no one told Ostler that his new column portrait would be a full-body shot online -- and he'd bear an uncanny resemblance to Caine from Kung-Fu

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