Create Your Own Wordy Artwork!

Fair enough. We're addicted. A co-worker recently shot us a link to, where you can create art via text written by you or anyone on God's green earth -- or, depending upon where you stand on biblical literalcy, God. In fact, what follows is the "Word art" for  The Book of Genesis (King James Version). Obviously, the more often a word comes up in the text, the more prominently it's displayed in the word art:

On a local note, here's Mayor Gavin Newsom's State of the City speech from 2006:

And this is "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu" by the dearly departed John Updike:

Here's C.W. Nevius' Feb. 26 column in the San Francisco Chronicle:

And, finally, here's the script for The Big Lebowski:

Got a good one? Run it through and send us the links or JPGs.

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