Anti-War Smackdown: Baez vs. Sheehan on Whether Obama Deserves His Own Camp Casey

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She's closed Camp Casey outside George W. Bush's Crawford ranch and recently lost her bid to unseat Nancy Pelosi in Congress. Now Cindy Sheehan is taking on Barack Obama, claiming the U.S. president is the same sort of warmonger as her previous foes.

But no less an anti-war authority than Joan Baez suggests Obama and San Francisco's Sheehan should be considered fellow travelers on the same peace train.

On Fox News Sheehan was recently shown describing Barack Obama as a mindless warrior akin to Bush:

"We have to put ourselves in between Barack Obama and our children. Barack Obama cannot have our children," she was videotaped saying.

She was at recent anti-war protests in Southern California. And the rain-soaked Fresno gathering, Sheehan told a crowd of about 100, "We want Obama to declare an end to the war on terror."

Yet, in a March 26 interview, no less an anti-war icon than Joan Baez cited Sheehan as one of a line of inspiring anti-establishment figures who plowed the ground in preparation for Obama's ascension.

"There was Cindy Sheehan, and now Obama," Baez was quoted as saying in a a recent interview in Canada's Edmonton Journal. "I've never felt that there was any government that spoke for me. Never. But you could say that anyone running for president that has the Life of Mahatma Gandhi in his top 10 book list, and puts compassion back in the English language, or considers speaking to heads of state that are supposedly "enemies" of ours, well, you have to take that seriously."

The question is prompted: Do anti-war union rules require Sheehan to Yield to Baez' 40 years of  seniority?

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