Who Do You Call When a Trolley Is Disabled? Another Trolley.

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It's not rapid, but it is transit

Wandering around San Francisco, one occasionally witnesses the big rig-sized behemoths from P&S Towing called into action to rescue a crippled Muni bus. For the large machine-obsessed child in all of us, it's an awesome sight. But it prompts the question: Who do you call when a train or trolley is disabled? You can't exactly tilt them onto their back wheels and drive off. The answer, naturally, is that you call another train.

The above photo was snapped late Monday night at Church, just before Market. A sturdy metal pipe connected the F-Line trolley to the J-Church Muni train towing it. Muni spokesman Judson True confirmed that the trolley's overhead pole snagged in a wire, damaging the top of the car. It was towed to the trolley barn adjacent to Balboa Park station for repairs (it was a lengthy tow, as the trains emerged from the underground tunnel on Church and Duboce before traveling the several miles above-ground to Balboa).

True said the 62-year-old Birmingham Electric car is being repaired and should be back on the street by today or tomorrow.  

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