What a Fox! Stunning Redheads Seen Around Golden Gate Park

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Jim Herd
Foxes in Golden Gate park: You keep an eye on your kids and they'll do the same
The menagerie of cute-but-keep-an-eye-on-the-children animals at Golden Gate Park appears to have expanded, as the good folks at SFCitizen noticed the re-emergence of the above little red predators in the bush.

While foxes conjure up mental imagery of English countrysides (and red-coated aristocrats leaping stone fences on horses in pursuit of their quarry) the animal thrives in urban settings. In London, an estimated 10,000 foxes live raccoonlike existences, surviving off Britons' discarded cans of marmite and baked beans.

Meanwhile, back here in San Francisco, the foxes' less-photogenic cousins, the coyotes, have staked out enough of a presence that Lincoln Way in the Presidio now features "Coyote Crossing" silhouette signs. And we all remember the saga of the Golden Gate Park coyote (and his family).

For more shots of Golden Gate Park's cutest, reddest denizens, click here.

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