S.J. Merc Headline Writers Latest to Fall into Virgin Trap

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You know, when you name a sprawling, multi-billion dollar empire "Virgin," you're going to get some odd wordings. Take Virgin Records: When the Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman declined to re-up his recording deal, many snickered at the headline "Wyman Refuses Virgin."

The embattled Virgin America airlines is based right here in Burlingame, so it was only a matter of time before an incredibly badly worded headline came our way. Well, today's the day. The San Jose Mercury News just penned the above instant classic "Burlingame's Virgin Today Begins SFO-to-Boston Flights."

Let's get this out of our system:

  • How'd you find a virgin in Burlingame?

  • Will the flights cease with the cessation of virginal status?

  • (S)he's seeing someone over there -- I think a student at Harvard -- but they're not ready to take it to the next stage yet.

  • (S)he's wicked virginal! Pissah!

Thank you. Carry on.

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