'Short' S.F. Women: America's Next Top Model Will Totally Consider Judging You

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Rejoice, short San Franciscan women! The arbiter of beauty, America's Next Top Model, has deemed you worthy to put on your highest heels and totter onto their set. Per the gushing e-mail received at the SF Weekly offices, reminding us that SF'ers can attend a casting call at the Westin on March 3rd, "...Just a reminder, but for the first time EVER the casting call will only accept girls that are 5'7" & under!!" If ever a sentence has deserved caps and multiple exclamation points, it's that one.

That's right, freakishly short women who ring in at a anomalous 5-foot-5 (Like me! Oh, the shame I have suffered, buying my slacks in the boys department of Sears and whatnot.) can now compete to be on the show that often approached women of a more tasteful six feet. While the show won't be taking anyone over 5'7", "...Producers reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions." Truly, a benchmark for individual rights and a refutation of the stifling beauty standard has been struck today. I can hardly wait for the shoots in which photographer Jay Manuel berates his diminutive subjects, barking, "Look taller!" and model evaluations during which Tyra Banks pops her eyes out and declares authoritatively, "You don't have to BE tall, you have to ACT tall! You project tall. You gotta find the tall inside you!"

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