O'Reilly Spits Some Truth About San Francisco

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Bill O'Reilly just can't get enough of San Francisco. Having recently exposed the dark truth about our city's treacherous streets and parks, O'Reilly cannot stop laying down the cold, hard, factoids. Just when we thought it was safe to skip blissfully through Golden Gate Park, scooping daisies from the verdant earth and arranging them in our unkempt, Dr. Bronners scented hair, O'Reilly is there to grab our ankles and just slam us face first into a wall of reality. That's right folks, suck on this one: San Francisco is the capital of political correctness. Even as we speak, the mayors office is probably taking steps to change the wording of government Web sites to reflect this. O'Reilly's proof? A "Hamas" protest that took place on the SF State campus. (Not to call into question the wisdom of O'Reilly's writers, but shouldn't the copy read "Pro-Hamas protest," since we are to believe that each and every single person attending this rally is a staunch supporter of the organization and is not, in fact, assembling in order to protest Hamas?) The video evidence reveals a group of people chanting "Free Palestine" and a brief, shakily documented tussle. Wake up and smell the smell of freshly brewed O'Reilly Brand Truth Coffee, hippie-terrorist-sympathizers!

Check out the transcript here.

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