Obama's Visage Now So Ubiquitous Even SFSU Campus Republicans Are Using It

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Truly, Obama can be used to sell anything

Barack Obama's stimulus package may or may not cure what ails this nation. But the other Barack Obama stimulus -- a windfall of presidential merchandising for hucksters of all races, creeds, and colors -- has been a truly American spectacle. When it comes to cashing in on Obama, Yes We Can!

Truth be told, however, this level of iconography devoted to a state leader is a bit disturbing; it's more befitting a nation where parades involve grimly marching troops, tanks, and missiles. It has gotten to the point that conservatives have accused Obama supporters of elevating the 44th president to the position of national savior. So it was more than a little ironic that Obama has literally become the savior of the San Francisco State University Republicans.

The above poster advertising the GOP club's meeting today notes that Obama's image is the only thing that has kept those blasted Trotskyites from tearing down said handbill (note to miscreants: The Democrats control the White House, Congress, and Senate. Let the student Republicans have their little meeting).

It's refreshing to see a display of such good humor from local college Republicans. GOP supporters at Bay Area public universities are usually cranky and unpleasant due to the pain of carrying such giant chips on their shoulders.
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