Good Lord! The Giants Signed Ramirez! The Giants Signed Ramirez! Oh. Julio Ramirez

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It could be! It might be! It's ... not.

Stroll past the Giants dugout store at AT&T Park and a smattering of jerseys catch your eye: Zito, Lincecum, Johnson -- and another. But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Is that ... IT IS! A Ramirez jersey! No. 57! The Giants signed Ramirez!

And it's true! The Giants signed Ramirez. A man named Ramirez. A man named ... Julio Ramirez. Not Manny. Not today.

Of course, this prompts a pair of questions: Who the hell is Julio Ramirez? And Why is his road jersey for sale at AT&T Park?

Well, Julio Ramirez played 12 games for the Giants back in 2005; he went 1-for-4 with an RBI and three runs. And his jersey is for sale because the team has, in essence, emptied its dustbin of never-quite-made-it paraphernalia. Along with Ramirez, you could also buy $60 jersies emblazoned with the monikers of onetime up-and-comers like Justin Knoedler or Yamid Haad.

When SF Weekly asked who, exactly, Ramirez was, a Giants employee said he was "just some no-name minor leaguer," before noting that the price of this jersey was lower than one without a name or numbers. That's actually quite sad.

By the way, the Giants didn't sign Albert Pujols either (that's Luis Pujols' old uni):

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