California Nightmare: 'Urbanologist' Labels S.F. 'Ground Zero For California Narcissism'

Are ghost towns the wave of the future for California? They may be, if a certain 'empty suit' wins the Governor's race
Joel Kotkin is SF Weekly's favorite urbanologist -- you can read the short series he helped us with about the transformation of San Francisco into an "adult Disneyland" here and here. But his latest piece in Newsweek was not fun to read in the same way The Pianist was not fun to watch. That's not to say it was bad -- but an article about how California has hit rock bottom and started to dig does not make for light reading.

Some highlights:

  • Kotkin refers to "our buffoonish current governor and a legislature divided between hysterical greens, public-employee lackeys, and Neanderthal Republicans" turning our state into a Banana Republic while the middle-class flows outward and a largely Latino underclass takes its place;
  • California's outmigration has grown every year since 2003, and would be growing faster if people weren't imprisoned by unsellable homes;
  • "California, like any gorgeously endowed person, has a natural inclination toward self-absorption. ... That's especially true of the Bay Area -- ground zero for California narcissism."
  • Narcissistic politics led to calamaties like Props. 13 and 187 and continues to fuel misanthropic, self-serving endeavors in environmentalism;
  • Hard-working, industrious immigrants living in places San Franciscans look down upon are the hope for the future -- far more so than "empty suits" like Gavin Newsom or Antonio Villaraigosa.
For the whole scathing thing, click here.

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