S.F. Lawyer Launches Anti-Limbaugh Web Site

Would you eat McNuggets made from this?
"It's time to start calling a chicken a chicken," San Francisco attorney Steve Baughman says of his latest Web endeavor. The chicken in question, it so happens, could probably feed many of the homeless encamped in Golden Gate Park -- that is, if you could ever get it to stop talking.

Baughman has launched a new Web site devoted to skewering Rush Limbaugh, the reigning monarch of conservative talk radio. The site, www.rushisachicken.com, urges Limbaugh to step out from behind his gilded microphone and debate an ideological opponent -- such as Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert.

"If he wants to be such a tough guy, he should put the gloves on and come down and start duking it out with some smart progressives," Baughman said in an interview.

We're guessing that Limbaugh, if he gets wind of this effort, will have a few barbs of his own for Baughman. A partner in a San Francisco law firm specializing in political asylum cases, Baughman counts among his previous Internet projects a Web site that proclaims the innocence of Taliban soldier and Marin County resident John Walker Lindh, who is now serving a 20-year prison sentence for his actions in Afghanistan.

Who knows? This game of chicken may yet prove interesting.

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