Adachi! Elsbernd! Nasty to Each Other! In Public! On Video!

Earlier this week we wrote about how Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and Public Defender Jeff Adachi had transcended the bounds of normal government decorum and were now trading barbs that, in a more genteel time, would have resulted in tumblers of bourbon being emptied onto one another's faces and battles with ivory-topped canes.

Elsbernd had grown a bit ornery at Adachi's request for a pair of paralegals for his backlogged office -- and the Public Defender's threat to start farming out cases to pricey private lawyers if his demand was not met. The supe's promise to gut the PD's staff and budget led to a war of words: Sez Adachi: "He has no idea what he's doing, and he's going to try and tell me how to run my office?" Sez Elsbernd: "When it comes to managing a budget, frankly, he's horrible."

If you thought these two wouldn't keep it up with the cameras running, you're sorely mistaken. Friend of The Snitch Melissa Griffin offers a running commentary -- complete with video -- on the burgeoning blood feud here.

Also, Elsbernd backed off his initial threat to do away with half a dozen of Adachi's social workers and instead fired off a letter to the controller's office requesting, in essence, they go through Adachi's garbage cans searching for wastefulness. Read it here:

Elsbernd letter to controller.pdf

Meanwhile, Adachi wasted no time in calling a controller's audit a waste of time. Hopefully the cameras will be there when the bourbon-tossing commences.

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