YEEEEEEEE-HA! Just Two Good Old Boys -- and a Lawsuit. 'Dukes of Hazzard' Dispute Ends Up in Court

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If you combined Dukes with The Streets of San Francisco, you'd have ensured the greatest car jumps in the history of television
The man who created The Dukes of Hazzard -- and how long do you think that took? -- claims in court papers that those scalawags at Warner Brothers are swindling him out of his share of the profits for the 2005 Dukes movie. 

FREEZE FRAME. WAYLON JENNINGS VOICE-OVER: "I don't know 'bout you, but that sounds miiiiiighty complicated." BANJO RIFF.

It warrants mentioning that the lawsuit is 17 pages long -- likely far longer than any Dukes script. And it involves a bit more back and forth than the show's average plot line: Boss and Rosco launch a scheme, Luke and Bo jump a car, Uncle Jessie says "Now, see here, J.D.," Daisy Duke wears Daisy Dukes, Luke and Bo jump a car, Boss and Rosco continue to scheme, and Luke and Bo save the day -- by jumping a car. If you had combined Dukes with The Streets of San Francisco, by the way, you'd have had the best car-jumping show of all time. In fact, jumping a 1969 Dodge Charger over Karl Malden's nose sounds like the equation for quality television to me. (An aside: On the ad above, note that "General Lee: The Car" is given higher billing than the actors playing Bo and Luke Duke.).

What's the suit about? For the sake of brevity, it's about spin-offs. Warner Bros. claims the 2005 movie (awful, even with low expectations -- how was Ashton Kutcher not involved in this film?) is a "spinoff," meaning it owes Waldron a certain percentage of the pie. He claims it is not a spinoff, and Warner Bros. owes him more.

The suit, filed this week in state district court, will either be adjudicated legally -- or may be settled out of court if Warner Bros. officials attempt to hurl incriminating documents into a local pond, but Luke and Bo catch the documents in midair while jumping the General Lee over the pond.

FREEZE FRAME. WAYLON JENNINGS VOICE-OVER: "I don't know 'bout you, but it looks like things is gettin' back to normal 'round here." BANJO RIFF.

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