Union Square Freebies: Macy's, Nordstrom Give Away Cosmetics as Part of Settlement

If you walked by Union Square this morning, you might have seen a line winding around the block before scratching your head and moving on. Had you been a tad more inquisitive, you'd have noticed that the queue streamed through Macy's front door. You may even have noticed this sign:

IMG_1184.JPGThe giveaway commenced yesterday, and will be ongoing for the next six or seven days (or until the store runs out of things to hand out). Macy's, Nordstrom, Saks, and other department stores nationwide are disgorging $175 million in high-end cosmetics as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement, which you can read about here.

Though the suit technically serves folks who purchased an item from the list of manufacturer defendants in the case from May 1994 through July 2003, the stores don't require a receipt for proof. So anyone can drop by and get a piece of the pie (so we're told!).

Check out the list of freebies here.

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