SF Gov InAction: San Francisco Holds Its Breath for Budget Magic While Supes Correct Basic Math Errors


Sorry this is late, folks -- all of a sudden I came down with a mean cough that just won't quit. I blame Neo-conservatives.

Monday, Jan 26

10 a.m. - Public Safety Committee

I have a confession to make. Today's hearing of the Public Safety Committee will be a little sad for me.

Oh sure, I agree with just about everybody else that David Chiu's committee assignments have been pretty strong (doesn't anybody around here want to pick a fight?). But dammit ... this was Ross' committee.

"Mirkarimi's Three Ring Circus of Justice," I called it -- and it was something special.


I guess you had to be there.

I like new committee chair David Campos ... and he'll have Ross there as vice-chair ... but it won't be the same. It'll be like Diff'rent Strokes after it added that small white kid, only Diff'rent Strokes always sucked -- and it never held the police accountable.

Also, so far as I know, Nancy Reagan will never guest star in a Very Special Episode of the Public Safety Committee. Although I think they have Tim Conway on tap for March: He'll do a hilarious bit where he trips over the evidence needed to solve a homicide.

I know, I know: The Public Safety Committee agenda LOOKS exactly the same as it did when Ross was boss. It even has the very same ongoing hearing in which Ross revealed, week after week, exactly how the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice was making law enforcement look even harder than it needs to. That, and accepting grant money, are the only items on the agenda.

But it won't be the same. It will be different. And I'll be sad.

On the bright side, maybe the new committee will have some good things going for it. Maybe David Campos and Michaela Alioto-Pier will have snappy repartee, or even sexual chemistry. Maybe they'll give out prizes for every 10 murders solved, or a duck puppet will descend from the ceiling and give out prizes to the first person in public comment who says "the secret word."

That would be good.

On the other hand, if they get as much done as this committee has recently, I'll settle for it.

1 p.m. - Land Use & Economic Development Committee

Is it weird that in a city where there's no place to smoke, that there are so many places to buy tobacco merchandise?

I think so. The Supes think so, which is why they keep passing moratoriums on new "tobacco paraphernalia" shops. Of course, most of the tobacco paraphernalia isn't actually used for tobacco, so what are we worrying about?

Anyway: Ross Mirkarimi, new tobacco shop moratorium, Lower Haight. I think that covers it.

There will also be a resolution, proposed by all three supervisorial ladies plus Bevan Dufty -- (insert obvious joke here) extending protection against eviction to tenants who are victims of "domestic violence or sexual assault or stalking."

Tuesday, 2 p.m. - Full Board of Supervisors

Let's see ...

Lawsuit settlement, lawsuit settlement, lawsuit settlement, committee appointment, committee appointment committee appointment, committee appointment, committee appointment, yawn, yawn, so tired, yawn, so tired it hurts, yawn ...

Huh? What? Medical Cannabis Act revisions? Oh, wait, we've covered that. Right.

Yawn ... Whazzat! A modification to the "re-entry council" bill (that created a committee to develop better systems to help criminals who have served their time re-enter civic life without recidivism)? This was always Mirkarimi's brainchild (see? Criminal Justice KING) -- what does he want to change about it?

Hmmm ... okay, it seems that seven members on the 21-member council are required to be former inmates, and that the board selects three of those members, and the mayor selects three of those members.

Which adds up to six members, not seven. I see the problem.

From now on, the Board selects four of the seven, and the mayor three. Okay?

And also, members of the council don't have to be electors of San Francisco (qualified to vote here) -- what with a lot of former criminals not having that right, and stuff. It would be kind of pointless to have a bunch of former shoplifters represented on a committee meant to help people who have done hard time readjust to civic life.

Deal. Now, back to my nap.


What? Chris Daly's being appointed to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission? You didn't have to wake me up for that!

Ah, man, the term is till 2011? I thought we were going to be rid of him in 2010!


Hey! Stop shoving me! What is it? What? What could possibly be worth waking me up again?

Oh. They're going to decide whether to hold a special June election on city finances. And debate the Mayor's midyear cuts? Yeah, okay, that seems important.

You've got my attention.

Wednesday, 1 p.m. - Budget and Finance Committee

Just a thought, but, I'd imagine that what the Budget and Finance committee wants to talk about will have an awful lot to do with what the Board of Supervisors decides about that June election.

Maybe that's why there's nothing interesting on their agenda.

Now, next week ... next week will be interesting.

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