Game Over: SEGA Lays Off 30 in San Francisco

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Sega Master System CONSOLE.jpgIt began circulating on the Internet this afternoon that SEGA of America sent 30 of its workers into the already crowded and stinking recession shitcan. This led the Snitch to research where the SEGA office is, and it turns out they're right down the street from us! Anybody want to meet for beers at the Utah? No, we aren't buying.

Although some people believed the game industry would coast through tough times (which makes sense to the Snitch, considering how many of the jobless might need a time-filler), it hasn't played out that way. EA sacked some members of the Madden series team in Tiburon. And console developer Atomic Planet has shed jobs, too.  

There's been no word yet from SEGA (line's been busy for an hour, damnit) on who's been cut loose or why, but the office contained both publishing and development personnel, according to some bright-yellow Web page

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