San Francisco Is the 5th Most Literate City in America (Is That a Compliment?)

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By Benjamin Wachs

I'm not sure whether San Franciscans should be flattered or insulted that a study out of Central Connecticut State University ranked SF the 5th most literate American city.

It seems kind of like it could go both ways, doesn't it? 

On the one hand, SF cracked the top 10. On the other hand, TWO cities in Minnesota kicked our asses, and San Francisco doesn't like to admit that the Midwest has fire, let alone books.

We were also beaten out by Seattle and D.C., and we're just one up from Atlanta - which gives the South the same bragging rights we have, with our coffee houses filled with magazines nobody reads. 

In fact, while it didn't crack the top 10 in overall "literacy," Plano, Texas, totally kicked our asses on "educational attainment."  That's right, Texas.

Jesus, it's almost like the rest of the world doesn't conform to our preconcieved notions of how-much-better we are than it! 

Quick, somebody say something insufferably arrogant!

This Guardian editorial by Tim Redmond, where he tells other people what their New Year's resolutions ought to be, should do the trick!

(Phew).  Everybody feel smug again? 


At least we're trending well:  in 2007 we were ranked 7th most literate. Assuming you can read this, keep cracking the books.    

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