Make-Your-Own-Obama-Poster Web Site Easily Used for Nefarious Purposes

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When the folks at Paste magazine gave everyone with an Internet connection the chance to make an Obama-style poster of the sort created by former San Francisco artist Shepard Fairey, they had to figure there'd be lots of cute kitties, puppies, and babies and no end to words that rhyme with "hope." Well, there are.

But while being cute has its merits, it's much more fun to do inappropriate things:

Schlitz.gifClick below for a few more Obaminations.

Not only was James Brown the Godfather of Soul, he also gave us one of the all-time great mug shots:
Has there ever been a more prolific serial killer and birthday clown than John Wayne Gacy?

Gacy.gifDid you know you can buy the Unabomber's hoodie?


Hey, forget about the bribery charges. What's with the hair, Blago?


And, finally, on a cute note, don't forget the constituents in the Land of Make-Believe:


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