Just Gators Being Gators: Bonnie Noshes on Claude's Claw

Categories: Local News
Would it have been tasteless to name this cold-blooded killer Dan White?

Claude, the California Academy of Science's albino alligator, will have a bit of trouble flipping anyone the bird for a while.

The pale fella has apparently suffered a bite on the "pinky" from his tank-mate Bonnie (Bonnie and Claude? Am I missing something here?).

Like Los Angelinos tailgating in the parking lots of In-N-Outs, this, apparently, is what gators do to one another. Still, Claude will be moved to his own tank tomorrow so he can be examined and treated in the event of an infection.

I guess even the Academy of Sciences is experiencing white flight to the 'burbs.

Photo   |   Ingrid Taylar

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