Juicers Rejoice as 'National Fresh-Squeezed Juice Week' Cometh

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Sorry, wrong Juice!

When the suffix of your e-mail is @sfweekly.com, you get a lot of wheedling letters from unusual folks. My personal favorite was the flak who wondered if SF Weekly would like to write a feature on a company that applies decorative contact paper designs to toilet seat lids. The example on the company's Web page featured the stars and stripes -- truly, this was the toilet Evel Knievel could have sat upon while soaring over the Grand Canyon.

But a close second-favorite was the e-mail I received recently about how next week (Jan. 18-23) is National Fresh-Squeezed Juice Week; this inspired a little Web detection, which revealed that we are actually in the midst of National Soccer Coaches Week and National No-Tillage Week. So now is a great time to farm rustically with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Counter-intuitively, those with queries about National Fresh-Squeezed Juice Week are directed to call Secaucus, N.J. -- not exactly the home of vast orange groves or any other naturally occuring fruit or vegetable one would enjoy drinking the juice of (though I hear that rigatoni juice is spectacular).

When I dialed Bob O'Brien, Consumer Advocate, the first thing I thought was that I'd entered the wrong number and gotten Tom Ammiano. A fast-talking man with the heaviest Jersey accent not found on a Sopranos compilation began telling me why he's been the moving force behind Juice Week for the past decade.

O'Brien said he's not getting paid for this. He's just a juice enthusiast and this is the "right thing to do." He says that in his travels around the country, many people he met were unaware that you could even buy freshly squeezed juice.

This statement left me a bit speechless. Anyone who has ever dropped a fruit has inadvertently created freshly sqeezed juice. And here in California -- where we've named an entire county after the oranges that used to be grown there -- is there anyone unaware that freshly squeezed juice can be bought at stores or created at home?

Meanwhile, O'Brien's volunteering brought to mind that this is National Financial Wellness Month -- as another publicist sent me an e-mail noting. I called her up and asked about it, and she claimed that "the president" -- though she's not sure which one -- deemed January to be National Financial Wellness Month.

Fair enough. But it's also Oatmeal Month, Mail-Order Gardening Month, Hot Tea Month, and California Dried Plum Digestive Month. Celebrate with discretion.

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