Depressing Bay Area Movie Hits Sundance

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roofguy.jpgThe Hollywood stars donning Ugg boots and designer parkas in an attempt to look rustic for the paparazzi at the Sundance Film Festival this month will be joined by a Bay Area director with a film set in your backyard, "Everything Strange and New."  

Ok, we haven't actually seen this movie -- I suppose in Sundance circles the correct term is "film"  -- but from the synopsis on its website, we can surmise this baby isn't going to be the feel-good film of the year. (Something about that dude staring at the top of a roof says "downer.") It's about a man burned out with crazy kids, an unraveling wife, "submerged mortgage," and a just-divorced friend. In short, "an intimate portrait of ordinary people and their longing for certainty in uncertain times." 

Even the film's press flack, who's job description generally includes putting a postive spin on everything, called it "gloomy."

No escapist fantasies will be entertained here. In an interview with indieWIRE:, Bay Area-based director Frazer Bradshaw -- who says he started his craft under the tutelage of experimental filmmakers at the San Francisco Art Institute -- says the inspiration for the tale came from his own life:

"It became more and more obvious, as I conceived the piece and reflected on the circumstances the story deals with, that being a middle class American is an infinitely more complex experience than it's given credit for, especially during the current time."

While is will be premiering at Sundance -- check out the line-up here -- the press flack was optimistic (for once!) about the chances it will be picked up by a distributer and hit local theaters so you can check it out. That is, if your own unemployed, sub-prime mortgaged ass can fish enough coins from under your couch cushions for a ticket.

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