Everyone Look Busy: 'Black Pope' Headed to San Francisco

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Born in Spain, educated in Japan, now 'Black Pope'
America now has a black president. And next week San Francisco will be getting a visit from the Black Pope.

No, this has nothing to do with the deeper meanings of the Vatican's white smoke and dark smoke, and Pope Benedict XVI was not a black member of the Hitler Youth. "Black Pope" is simply a nickname for the Superior General of the Jesuit Order -- and he's a-comin' here.

According to the publicity folks at the University of San Francisco -- and when you flack for the Jesuits, you're flacking for Deus -- Adolfo Nicolás will take in a mass at USF, meet Catholic higher-ups from around the Bay Area, and visit 10 other cities in a Golden State tour commemorating the centennial of the Jesuits establishing an outpost in California (ostensibly to scout out all the really good basketball recruits).

Other activities that might be of interest to Nicolás:

  • He was a longtime missionary in Asia, so take him to Chinatown and Japantown and give him a shot at converting a few people before lunch;

  • See if God can do something to straighten out this city. Let's start with Lombard Street.

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