Everyone Hypes the San Francisco Rubik's Cube Competition -- But No One Prints the Results!

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rubiks-cube.jpgAfter watching George W. Bush fly off in that helicopter, we feel compelled to say something he apparently never did -- we made a mistake.

Like every Bay Area publication, we plugged the International Rubik's Cube Competition that was held on Sunday at the Exploratorium. The Chronicle even wrote two preview articles.

But like the Chron and every other Bay Area paper -- believe us, we've looked -- no one followed up and reported who won the damn thing. A lack of stick-to-itiveness is particularly ironic when one is covering Rubik's Cube-related events, no?

So, to honor those who challenged the cube, here are your 2009 champions (and here's a link to the complete results, which also notes the winners of "side events" not listed below):

Rubik's Cube (five heats): Chris Dzoan, USA, average time 14.58 seconds

Rubik's Cube -- Blindfolded: Leyan Lo, USA, best time 1:29.58

Rubik's Cube -- one-handed: Jeremy Fleishman, USA, average time 23.04 seconds

4x4x4 Cube: Andy Tsao, USA, average time 58.56 seconds

5x5x5 Cube: Michael Gottlieb, USA, average time 1:32.71

Pyraminx: Arthur Adams, USA, average time 8.36 seconds

Long may we remember their glorious victories.

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