BART Erases Graffiti About Oscar Grant's Killing

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By Lauren Smiley

bartkills.jpgIt seems riders' camera phones are BART's second worst nightmare these days. Second, of course, to Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop involved in the shooting death of Oscar Grant III on New Year's Day. BART officials bemoaned in the Chron that the footage captured by passengers of the killing now circulating on the web and replayed on TV would taint witnesses' independent recollections of the event. As we reported last week on the Snitch, the BART Facebook page was asking for people to post pics of people behaving badly on the trains, but that feature seems to have been discontinued. Maybe BART realized a dude hogging two handicapped seats was the least of its problems.

At about 8:30 this morning in the 24th Street/Mission station, a woman who said she was employed by BART was scrubbing off graffiti reading: "BART Cops Kill! No Good!" Apparently another tagger responded -- maybe with grim resignation, more likely with frightening heartlessness -- "Who Fucking Cares!"

By this time, the message is surely gone. But BART's efforts to make the tragedy go away were thwarted by a camera phone once again.

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