Barack Obama, Action Hero: It Is His Dessssstiny

Categories: WTF?

In what is either a Web site for an Asian toy company or the best parody site ever invented (and we really mean it -- the best), a hyperrealistic Barack Obama doll makes a speech, waves the flag, wields a variety of firearms, and engages the Dark Lord of the Sith in a battle to determine the fate of the universe.

See the mind-blowing doll here (note: In the wee hours between last night and today, the Gamu Toys Web site cut off access to the Obama doll section. This is a photo archive on a different page). By the way, if Obama is Luke Skywalker, does that make Dick Cheney the Emperor?

Finally, another line of toys displayed on this Web site is a robot figure astoundingly called "Project BM." We hear it's their No. 2 seller...

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