Recession Vacation

IMG_1216.JPGBy Ashley Harrell

This morning at the Montgomery BART/MUNI station, the Snitch was bombarded with fake Palm Trees wearing signs that said "Non-stop San Francisco to Dubai." They were apparently ads for Emirates, a fancy-pants, government-owned, Dubai-based airline that makes its young, attractive, mostly female flight attendants step on the scale before they're hired. But that's not even the point.  

There were other ads posted on the walls that paired serene images with slogans like non-stop style, non-stop bliss (above), non-stop pampering, and non-stop indulgence (below).


Non-stop is clearly a pun on, you know, non-stop flights. But there's something else non-stoppy about these ads. That would be non-stop denial in the face of a recession, at time when most people walking through that MUNI turnstall aren't even going out to dinner this weekend, let alone taking flights to Dubai and back for $2,000.


And it's not like Emirates is coasting above it all, either. According to the Wall Street Journal, the airline posted an 88% drop in first half-year profit last month. Regardless, Emirates is apparently hiring more attendants for its increased traffic between the Americas and Dubai. Good luck finding those passengers.  

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