Kids These Days More Concerned With Term Papers, Lunch, Than Welts, Diarrhea

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Students at San Jose State University were more preoccupied with homework, lunch and gossip about holiday vacation plans than the possibility they may someday break out in soaking nighttime sweats, suffer weeks-long intense fever, spew endless diarrhea and find unusual lesions on their tongues and in their mouths, reports the Spartan Daily student newspaper.

"A lot of students came to the Student Union as always," said Stephanie Bowens, organizer of a holiday season AIDS Fair, in which various organizations handed out pamphlets about the deadly, debilitating, extremely depressing disease, "but [they] didn't really take the time to grab some of the information."

According to an article headlined "AIDS Awareness Fair Draws Little Interest From Students" kids could have picked up fists-full of pamphlets then spent the holidays pondering how careless promiscuity can lead to Karposi's sarcoma, cervical cancer and lymphoma.

Instead, Spartan Daily's Rie Nakanishi reports, students chose to go on their merry way.

"I was a little disappointed with the turnout," Nakanishi quoted Bowens as saying. --Matt Smith

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