Hot Documents: Here are the Receipts for Chinese Bureaucrats Who Enjoyed San Francisco 'Homosexual Show'

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for mao-zedong-3.jpg"All reactionaries are paper tigers ... and those who leave documents on the train about going to San Francisco sex shows are just plain dumb."

A cadre of Chinese officials who blew through around $94,000 of the Glorious Taxpayers' money on a recent junket to the United States are in hot water after a bag of recepits left on a Shanghai subway found its way onto the Internet.

In addition to traveling to far more cities than the budget allowed, the junket stayed at a $700-a-night hotel in Las Vegas and, apparently, took in a "homosexual show" right here in San Francsico.

An analysis of the hotel receipts, however, reveals that the Chinese group was downright stingy in its accomodations when not blowing wads of cash on Las Vegas digs. In fact, the group managed to score $75-a-night rooms at the Courtyard Fremont Silicon Valley -- we're impressed!

Who knows? Perhaps this choice to stay in Fremont and not splurge on a San Francisco hotel may have turned out to be a life or death decision.

You can see all of the documents right here. According to an anonymous online commenter, this is the "homosexual show" portion of the document. Finally, someone has also apparently posted some pornography at the tail end of that link, so be forewarned.

-- Joe Eskenazi

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