First-Person 'Shoe-ter': Videogame Lets You Portray a Journalist ... And Toss Footwear at Prez

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The path of cultural ubiquity runs this way in December of 2008: First comes the incident, then comes the Internet commentary, then comes the YouTube mashup, and then comes the viral videogame.

Regarding Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi's low-tech shoe-bombing of President Bush, SF Weekly participated in both steps two and three earlier this week. Now we're happy to inform you of the culmination of this shoe-tossing moment in time, the viral videogame "Sock and Awe."

As we hit the "publish" button, more than 17.5 million shoes e-tossed by folks hailing from every corner of the globe have winged the President. Click here and join them.

Also, let us know: Is this the first videogame to allow someone to portray a journalist? Not counting blogs, of course.

-- Joe Eskenazi

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