'At Least Iraqi Journalists Can Afford to Throw Their Shoes' and Other Silver Linings of Our President's Latest Misadventure

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Demonstrating cat-like reflexes honed ducking projectile vomit at thousands of Yale frat parties, President Bush nimbly avoided a pair of shoes tossed his way Sunday by an irate Iraqi journalist. That a luddite shoe bomber could get within hucking distance of the Commander-in-Chief -- and is now being hailed as a hero throughout the Arab world -- could be construed as being one more filthy feather in this president's befouled cap. But no -- this is a sure sign of progress. Let us count the ways:

  • First off, it's a thrill to know our journalistic colleagues in Iraq have enough disposable income that they can toss their shoes around. Here in San Francisco, we can't even afford to pitch our shoes at Gavin Newsom.

  • Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi TV journalist who hurled his shoes, shouted that his gesture was a "farewell kiss" for a "dog." It's good to know that, thanks to George W. Bush, Iraq has been transformed into an affectionate society in which people kiss their dogs.

  • This follows the Bush-Rumsfeld line of chalking up every violent outburst in Iraq to the nation's newfound "freedom." If Al-Zaidi had followed up his shoe toss by throwing all the rest of his clothes, he would have accordingly been even more free.

  • While al-Zaidi faces a multi-year jail term, the money his shoes fetch on eBay could be used to raise Johnnie Cochran from the dead.

  • Hey, the man "just did it."

-- Joe Eskenazi

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