Voters Flush George W. Bush Sewage Plant Proposition, Ruin Backers’ Plans for Double-Entendre-Laden Victory Speech

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(Richard Marracq shares his sentiments.)

Well, shit.

By Joe Eskenazi

Gathered in front of a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln conveniently sitting, yet leaning forward – not unlike someone in the midst of utilizing the toilet – backers of a proposition to rename a Parkside sewage plant after President George W. Bush waited out a cold night.

While Barack Obama stormed to victory and re-defined the term “blue state,” there was no joy in sewageville. When all the dust – we’ll assume it was dust – settled, they’d lost by roughly a 70-30 ratio.

This came as a blow to Bob Katz, who flew in all the way from Florida to be here for what he assumed would be the Proposition R victory party. Katz had been telling anyone who’d listen how a sewage plant should be named after the president for years, so when he found out such a plan was in the works in San Francisco, he enthusiastically lent his support.

Brian McConnell and Michael Jacinto, the proposition’s co-authors, weren’t ready to retrace their steps yet. But Jacinto noted that the Public Utility Commission’s oft-repeated estimate of $50,000 in city money to accommodate the name change was “pulled out of their posterior,” while both men were surprised at the Guardian and others rationalizing that christening a sewage plant after the president would be disrespectful to its employees – after all, the SEIU Local 1021, the sewage workers’ union, endorsed their proposition.


Peaches Christ, the Prop’s spokeswoman – and a basketball player-sized drag queen – was bummed, but kept things in perspective. “If Prop R passed it’d have been neat and fun, but I don’t think there are any tears being shed,” she said. “If it had passed I had a speech planned. And [now] I’m heading to the Castro to party.”

Not all of the folks gathered near the Abe Lincoln statue voted for the proposition -- or even knew about it. Barbara Coleman said Bush didn't deserve the honor of having anything named after him.

"He done fucked the country up. What I want is for him to pack up his shit and get his ass out of the White House so Barack Obama can move in -- tonight!"

Jacinto and McConnell quietly puffed on cigarettes and sipped from clandestine beers in the shadow of city hall. “We gave it the college try,” noted Jacinto, a city planner when he’s not writing ballot propositions. “We got our message out far and wide to get people thinking about George W. Bush’s legacy.”

It was a thought many voters probably shared on a night when Bush and his ideological companions were flushed down the drain.

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