Nader Gets No Love From S.F. Voters

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Nader running mate Matt Gonzalez won more votes in S.F. when he ran for supervisor in 2000 than as a vice-presidential candidate this year.

By Will Harper

If you want a measure of how sick everyone is of Ralph Nader, go no further than San Francisco. Nader is on pace to win a pitiful 4,000 votes in the city this year for his latest presidential experiment.

Eight years ago, 24,819 San Franciscans voted for Nader, according to Department of Election records. Of course, we've all had eight years to realize that throwing away our vote on a third-party candidate can do a lot of damage, so Nader's poor showing this time was not entirely unexpected.

But Nader supposedly had one thing going for him in San Francisco that other candidates did not: A running mate from the city, former supervisor and Green Party pinup boy Matt Gonzalez. Obviously, having a hometown guy in the race didn't make a difference for S.F. voters sick of Republican rule of the White House.

One final stat to consider: Gonzalez received 12,743 votes when he ran for supervisor in Nov. 2000. In other words, Gonzalez won three times the number of votes when he ran in a little district (with a much smaller pool of voters) than he and Nader are going to capture citywide in 2008.

Photo by Jurgen Rommel Vsych via Flickr.

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