Live Now: Third Party VP Debate

Categories: Election 2008

Libertarian Party VP candidate Wayne Allyn Root, Constitution Party VP pick Darrell Castle and Independent Party VP aspirant Matt Gonzalez are at the University of Las Vegas this second having their own debate since they weren't invited to the Biden-Palin party. Moderating it is SF Weekly's own John Geluardi! Click here for the live stream if you have trouble loading the above clip, or if you want to read the very entertaining live chat going on alongside the video. --Janine Kahn

Update: Speaking of the live chat, there seem to be some Gonzalez fans in the house:

7:54nazuuu: Matt should begin stripping

7:55sesameleigh: why should he strip?

7:55nazuuu: to make this more interesting

7:55voteindy: Matt is stripping down the destruction of our corrupt government

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