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Pundits have commented on the Obama camp's use of the internet throughout his campaign to fundraise and mobilize support, helping him to overcome Hillary Clinton's huge lead in the early stages of the race for the White House. Obama has more friends than McCain on MySpace and Facebook. Obama supporters have that hot Obama Girl viral video on YouTube. And with just a day to go til Election Day, here's yet another show of the web savvy of the Obama backers: has created a faux newscast reporting a McCain presidential victory by one single vote to encourage Obama backers to get to the polls.

Users can plug in their friends' names and email them a newscast titled "Obama's defeat traced to [insert friends' name here]." In it, the name continues to pop up on bottom of the screen, as a scene of Obama supporters chant "Apologize now," a goatherd worries that McCain will bomb his flock, and, most hilariously, a cranky old granny rants about how she stood in the voting line for five hours with an arthritic hip, yet that [beeped out expletives here] couldn't get his ass out of bed to vote. No matter who you're planning to vote for, check it out for a laugh here. --Lauren Smiley

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