Hot Off the Presses: Breaking District Returns

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2008web.jpgModerate political analyst David Latterman shoots some numbers our way, and they don't look good for his middle-of-the-road pals.

With 57 percent of the returns counted in District 1, Latterman is ready to call the supervisor's race for Eric Mar, who has polled 4,788 votes to Sue Lee's 3,959 (41.5 percent to 33.6 percent).

Over in District 3, Aaron Peskin's preferred successor, David Chiu, holds a healthy lead over scion Joe Alioto, Jr.with 60 percent of returns counted. Chiu leads 4,520 to 2,724 (38.3 percent to 23.1 percent).

In District 9, David Campos has a comfortable 700-vote lead with two-thirds of the ballots counted.

Finally, District 11 is too close to call at this hour, though John Avalos has a slim 400 vote lead over Asha Safai -- with Myrna Lim in a surprisingly close third place.

It warrants mentioning that all of the Democratic Party-endorsed candidates are currently leading. Latterman points out that since the Board of Supervisors has a 50 percent approval rating city-wide, voters are essentially opting to prolong the status quo.

"People are like, 'Fuck it, it's working,'" he said.

-- Will Harper and Joe Eskenazi


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