Carole Migden Gets Recycled After All ... But Not By Don Perata

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carole_migden.jpgEarlier this month, the San Francisco Chronicle's flies on the wall, Matier & Ross, wrote a little piece about Carole Migden, the Jason Voorhies of California politics (you just can't kill this woman's political career).

According to M&R, Migden -- who was trounced in her re-election bid for State Senate by Mark Leno -- was handed a $132,178-a year gig on the state's Integrated Waste Management Board by Don Perata. Migden's experience in recycling is limited to dubiously re-using campaign funds, but that's not what this board is about. It's about earning a little bread while flying in a political holding pattern and pondering one's next move.

One problem, though. Perata didn't appoint Migden to the board -- he tapped
Sheila Kuehl.

But, remember Migden's Voorhies-like tenacity. Today the Sacramento Bee got wind that Migden will likely be managing waste after all -- thanks to an appointment by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The gov didn't appoint Matier & Ross to jack shit.

-- Joe Eskenazi

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