San Franciscans, Environmentalists, Gays Voiceless in VP Debate

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matt2.jpgBy John Geluardi

While most of the country is squabbling over the fine points of victory after Wednesday night's vice presidential debate, the fact is the “debate” was more like watching a comfortable, second-marriage couple arguing over where to have dinner; Olive Garden or the Outback Steakhouse.

No communities lost more in the nationally televised patty slap than San Francisco's. Don’t forget Matt Gonzalez, a popular former president of the Baord of Supervisors, is also in contention for the VP spot with Ralph Nader on the Independent ticket. It looked to me like there was plenty of room on that St. Louis stage for ideas that Gonzalez was sure to have brought forward.

Chief among them, the right for same-sex couples to marry in the eyes of God and country. Both VP candidates Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin went on record saying gays should not have that right. Most Americans, I believe, not matter what their beliefs, could have have survived an argument for basic equality for this country’s citizens.

On a nationwide scale, neither candidate argued heavily for alternative energy, something most Americans would likely embrace if the issue was really on the table, which it clearly is not what with the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines no longer protected from oil drilling.

What if debating third party veep candidates challenged Congress to quit subsidizing oil fat cats and put its prodigious resources behind the development of alternative energy? Would the average working class family, sitting around the proverbial “kitchen table,” embrace such an effort if it meant they could save money and leave a cleaner planet for their children? We can only wonder.

I don’t know. Maybe the masters of the two-party system are right, the American people can only handle a limited scope of ideas. I hate to think that’s the case. One thing I do know, the food at Olive Garden and the Outback Steakhouse sucks.

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