Prop 8 and Little Peterson

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RichardPeterson-thumb.jpgDid Pepperdine law professor Richard Peterson have permission from the university to star in an intellectually dishonest political ad?

By Ashley Harrell

If you've been following the Prop 8 ad campaigns, then you already know about how last week, Pepperdine University law professor Richard Peterson made an asinine appearance in a Yes on 8 ad calling for the elimination of gay marriage in California. The ad resulted in the school distancing itself from Peterson's opinions and eventually having its name removed.

But if you haven't checked back on the Snitch, you might have missed the comment left by David Peterson, purportedly the professor's son, asking that people stop sending angry emails to his father ( and the dean of Pepperdine's school of law ( The younger Peterson, who left comments on several other sites, also claims the university initially supported Peterson's appearance in the advertisement and later apologized for retracting its name from the ad.

Hey folks. I'm Richard Peterson's son. I want to give you an update from Pepperdine. The president of the university apologized at a staff conference last week for having the school's name removed from the ad. My dad had the support of the University before he even considered appearing in the commercial AS A FAVOR to another professor. One professor even said "Professor Peterson is living what we teach here at Pepperdine."

Read the rest of the post here.

Peterson's son (or whoever is responsible for this post) didn't respond to my request for an interview, and I haven't heard back from anybody at Pepperdine either. I even called Peterson himself, who said at first that he didn't have time to talk. When asked if he would agree to an interview at a later time, he said he'd have to think about it and quickly hung up.

Oh, well. At least we now know that Peterson appeared in the ad only "as a favor to another professor" and not because he's a rabid gay-hater with the integrity of a used car-salesman. Phew!

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