News & Booze Saturday: What's it Take to Get Somebody Fired at City Hall?

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Sure he was accused of sexual and religious harassment, and forced to resign as head of the city's Rec and Park's department...but Yomi Agunbiade isn't going anywhere. No sooner had he announced his resignation than the city announced his new position, as head of PUC's Director of Waste Water Management.

Is San Francisco saying it's "sex positive" about "sexual harassment"? Because that's what it looks like to us.

Meanwhile Paul Hogarth thinks it's ironic that people who packed the Milk Club to endorse Nancy Pelosi are complaining that people packed the Milk Club to try and get it to endorse Cindy Sheehan; and Joe Eskanazi says Cindy Sheehan is less qualified to run for office than Sarah Palin (ouch!).

Melissa Griffin's here too - but she's still wondering what it takes to get somebody fired in this town. --Benjamin Wachs

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