News & Booze Saturday: Does SF General Hospital have Enough Room to Care for Every Candidate in District 9?

booze.jpgDownload: News & Booze: Episode 6 Part 2

Every November San Franciscans promise to do incredible things for their fellow human beings just as soon as they've slit the throat of the people getting in their way.

Don't get me wrong, we're used to poison politics in SF - but this time, will it take our hospital down with it?

Should it? Prop A, a bond measure that needs to pass in order to save the hospital, does have a few flaws...

Meanwhile the race in District 9 is kind of a Rorschach test for progressives: when you look at these identical candidates, what do you see? Remember, you can only vote for 3 of them.

Joe Eskenazi, Melissa Griffin, and Marc Salomon are in the Sunset Studios drinking - pull up a chair and join them. --Benjamin Wachs

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