SFPD Puts Positive Spin on Higher Rape Stats

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A story in this morning's Examiner reveals that the number of rapes reported in San Francisco has gone up 38 percent in the last year, from 94 in 2007 to 130 in 2008. The police department's take on this rise:

Police said an increase in rapes reported doesn’t necessarily mean more rapes are occurring. Victims may feel more comfortable about calling police and reporting a sexual assault, said police spokesman Sgt. Wilfred Williams. Also, there has been an increase in the number of “acquaintance” rapes reported, meaning victims know their attackers.

Um, yeah, way to look on the bright side of higher rape statistics. Women aren't being assaulted more, the police department is just doing a better job of making them feel comfortable coming forward! While I hope this is true (although I'm dubious, because last time I checked the stigma attached to rape and the treatment received by rape victims from the medical and legal establishment hadn't changed that much in the last year) I'm not sure if trying to PR your way around these numbers is the most tasteful way to address the issue.

--Andy Wright

Image Credit: The Examiner

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