News & Booze Friday Edition - Absentee Mayor Puts ID Program on Hold, is Gavin Newsom Breaking Up with Us?

booze.jpgLet's be honest, San Francisco: Any day now we're all going to get a text message from one of Gavin's aids saying "Im br8kng up w U." The next day a press release will explain that he's taking our sanctuary city with him, but we can keep the fruit trees.

Meanwhile Tom Ammiano says "Hell no, IDs for immigrants won't go!" but is he just in denial?

Joe Eskenazi, Melissa Griffin, and Beth Spotswood are in the Sunset Studios drinking Three Philosophers and laughing their asses off about the future of our fair city.

All that, plus a special message from the Coalition for More Aggressive Bicycling.

Join us, won't you? --Benjamin Wachs

Episode 4 - Part 1

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