Are McCain Backers Flagging Stories on Digg?

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By Will Harper

John McCain may be computer illiterate, but it appears that some of his supporters are not technophobic Luddites.

Over at the popular news-sharing site, Digg, several stories critical of McCain or Sarah Palin has been flagged with the disclaimer: "Reported by Diggers as Possibly Inaccurate" (see screen shot).

It'd be one thing if they were just flagging opinionated rants on Huffington Post or Daily Kos, but they're also going after stories from credible mainstream news outlets like the New York Times and ABC News. My favorite one is the gratutious flagging of an analysis of a McCain campaign ad on the well-regarded nonpartisan site,, which checks the veracity of politicians' claims. So, I guess that means someone believes that the site pointing out the inaccuracies in McCain's ad is ... inaccurate?

Diggers have also noted the trend. One Digger commented, "almost every (ok, make that just about every) story about mccain/palin, negative wise, is marked as inaccurate. but I don't see that for every obama negative story."

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