Burning Man Missed Connections: Better than Regular MCs.

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Burning Man has ended which means that Burning Man Missed Connections have started. Oftentimes the folly of the MC poster is their propensity for describing outfits that may be sported by half the Bay Area population at any given time: "You: medium height, brown hair, American Apparel shirt and boots." There's no danger of such mundane descriptions filtering out of the Playa.

"You were topless and in a white tutu," states one poster bluntly. (I actually suspect this could apply to at least 100 people.)

Another writes,"I in camoflauge pink party mini skirt, full brimmed hat, ray ban aviators and brown cowboy vest" while one man seeks a woman who wore "...a long dark dress on and a tiny illuminated lamp shade hat!" If any sentence has ever earned the giddy excitement of an exclamation point, it's that one. TINY. ILLUMINATED. LAMP. SHADE. HAT!

If six-year-olds utilized Craigslist to reconnect with school yard run-ins, they might write:"You gave my crying friend one of your dolls and showed me how to hug heart to heart..." But this was written by a 26-year-old.

One woman learned an important lesson about why you shouldn't bring your kids with you to the Black Rock City: "My son was standing behind me with his arms crossed and looking mean otherwise you would have gotten a lot more than just a kiss on the cheek. You are super hot!"

And finally, this curt missive called out a jerk named Justin: "You borrowed our tools to set up your dome and never gave them back. That is NOT the burning man spirit. Thanks for making us work twice as hard to bring the dome down, would have been nice to have our tools available. You are the biggest jerk!"

Way to bring the mood down, Justin. --Andy Wright

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