Bitch Needs Some Money

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bitchmag.jpgNo, not me. The magazine.

You may be distracted by the sucking sound created by the rapidly collapsing financial world, but don't forget: publications are suffering as well! The latest mag in line for the chopping block had its humble roots in the Bay Area.

Founded by Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler in 1996, Bitch Magazine bills itself as "feminist response to pop culture" and it delivers just that, with smart, funny, accessible writing. According to Bitch's Web site, the publication's first office was "in San Francisco’s Mission District next to a Chinese-food-and-doughnuts place. (Basically, everything there tastes like doughnuts.)" [These are the carefully placed brackets of a woman who is refraining from making a crass doughnut joke.] Bitch also lived in Oakland for five years, and their pages have featured a number of Bay Area authors.

Bitch fled to Portland in 2007 in the interests of cutting costs but recently posted a plea on its Web site for funds, stating that they may no longer be able to publish the magazine unless they raise $40,000 by October 15. You can donate money here and you can watch a video of the editors explaining their predicament here. --Andy Wright

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