Video: Nader Blasts Obama at SF State

“Casino Capilalists,” “Corporate Crooks” and “Sniveling Cowards” – You Guessed It, Ralph Nader Was In Town.

Notes by John Geluardi; Video by Janine Kahn

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader made some scathing remarks, mostly at the expense of Democrats today, as his campaign swept through San Francisco.

In full campaign mode, Nader was harsh on his political rivals and held little back including some choice name calling.

Standing in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on Market Street, Nader bashed the two-party system for fostering an economic environment that allowed reckless financial practices by the nation’s banks.

“Without Nancy Pelosi’s support for the Bush bailout, there would be no $700 billion bailout on the backs of the American taxpayer,” Nader railed. “This bailout for casino capitalists, corporate crooks and speculators must never be paid.”

Nader called for an annual audit of the Federal Reserve, which he described as it’s own country. The Federal Bank, which handles trillions of dollars annually, acts as a banker’s bank and as the government’s bank by accepting incoming federal tax payments and paying out government debts. The Federal Reserve’s CEO, Ben Bernake, has been lobbying hard for the bailout.


Later at a rally at San Francisco State University, Nader wasted no time in attacking Sen. Barack Obama and other Democrats as a “sniveling cowards,” who are so afraid that they suffer from a fearful condition best described as “anal flutter.” (See above video for more comments.)

He also called on students to get involved in civic activities and chastised them for spending too much time at the mall and not enough time at city council meetings.

Note: View a larger version of the video here.

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